Dear all, as you well know yesterday a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico killing at least 217 (death toll is expected to rise) and leaving many victims behind (between homeless, stranded, injured and or lost).

If you’re looking to help and you want to do it by making a donation because you’re not in Mexico here are some links that might be usefull to you, most of them were established right after the earthquake that hit Chiapas and Oaxaca (south of Mexico) less than a month ago:

UNICEF México and Save the Children México, specialize in supporting kids. Oxfam México, you might know them as they exist in 94 countries fighting against poverty and inequality, help and support victims when disasters happen. There are also the Topos, that are an independent organization that specializes in rescue maneuvers, and of course there’s the Cruz Roja Mexicana (Red Cross) that already have specific fundraising in place for this earthquake.

And if you live in México, this is what the Red Cross is needing:

You can also volunteer:

Or help by opening your wi-fi or your mobile hotspot:

And please remember to take care of the lost or injured animals that you find in the streets. Here’s a list of doctors available to take care of injured pets:

My heart is with México today.

*Cover Photo: México City by VV Nincic via Flickr Creative Commons

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