Hi there! Thanks for your interest. There are different ways you can get involved with this collective map making project. Have a look and choose the one that feels right for you, but please. do. get. involved!


If you’re into writing

Think of something that you want to share about your city. It can be as specific or as vague as you want. Please let us know about your minimap so we can support you and put it in our schedule. Chose 7 places and write a brief description of why are they worth it or amazing. Also attach their contact details (address, web, opening times, cost…) When it’s all ready write an introduction for your map. Put all togheter and send it to us: superminimaps@gmail.com

2-get-involvedIf you’re into drawing

You will have to bring to life someone’s mini travel experience and this implies: Drawing the actual map (we use a circle as base) Extracting some of the map icons to decorate the paper map’s back. We usually put everything together (text and images), so please save everything and just send us your .ai or .psd file(s).


If you’re an explorer

Share with us amazing places that deserve to be minimapped, or any idea for a route in your city. Use the hashtag #superminimaps in Twitter or Instagram or just drop us a line 😉

Many thanks for your interest in Minimaps, for wanting to get involved, for sharing, for contributing… We really appreciate it!

If you want to commission a minimap check the lab, for extra info on how minimaps works, please go to our about page, read this document, or simply write us an email: superminimaps@gmail.com we will be happy to answer any question or just to have a chat.