Photo by Haldin Fadhila.

I’m Haldin, a writer with many passions, from traveling, collecting toys to an obsession with sneakers. I found writing therapeutic and it feels like one of the best ways to express my feelings, especially writing about the places I have (and haven’t) visited!


Where do you live? Jakarta, Indonesia.

Where do you come from? Born and raised in Jakarta.

Where do you (day)dream to go next? I’ve been wanting to explore Japan from one region to another.

What do you like most about traveling? New places, the culture, the local food, the architecture, and the beautiful yet peaceful nature.

Is there a thing/ritual that you always have to do when you travel? Trying the local signature dish and buying the most authentic local souvenir.


This is the lovely minimap that Haldin, along with Devina, created for us:

Yogyakarta: Essential Souvenir Shops

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