Hello world, welcome to Minimaps!

I’ve been working on this crowd-sourced traveling experiences project for a long time now. I’m addicted to side-projects, even though I cannot say that I have a main one. In any case, Minimaps is the one side-project that I really really really wish it could become that missing main one (preferably soon!). Traveling, discovering and being constantly amazed is not only a true passion of mine -as everyone says- it is also the kind of life I learn to live and love and the one I’ve been enjoying for the past 4 years.

If you want to know more about Minimaps, please visit our ABOUT Section. To see the people involved have a look at our EDITORS and ILLUSTRATORS sections and since this website will be constantly ‘under construction’ any comment or feedback it’s always appreciated.

Questions, doubts, missing cities (for sure), places suggestions, want to get involved, want a bespoken super-mini travel experience? AWESOME, drop us a line!

Thanks for visiting and I really hope you enjoy the Minimaps, the stories, the experiences, the secrets and all the love that a fantastic group of fellow travelers, epicures, artists, music lovers, street art chasers, selfie-takers, dog-lovers, coffee-addicts, magicians (?), connoisseurs, friendly strangers and professional nomads, will be sharing with you here!

Spring and autumn are here, it’s time to travel and to minimap!

Happy weekend (:


Ana x

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