Photo: Pei Ling.

My name is Pei Ling, love exploring new places and a matcha lover!

I work as an International Sales Coordinator and love to connect with people from different countries. I love photography as my hobby. Mostly food photos, but love design and art too. Every morning I have my special me time matcha ritual before starting the day. This is my Instagram!


Where do you live? I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Where do you come from? I was born in Rotterdam. My parents are Chinese but born in Thailand. So I grew up with both cultures. I also have a Thai name but for Insta I use my Chinese name

Where do you (day)dream to go next? I really love to visit Japan! Especially Kyoto the matcha city hihi

What do you like most about traveling? Love discovering new places! Especially not the tourist places but finding hidden gems. Local places to really have a feel of the city/culture. 

Is there a thing/ritual that you always have to do when you travel? Try to find a hidden gem cafe and capturing my trip on my insta stories so that I have good memories to watch them later. Once in a while I take time with a cup of matcha and watch all of my stories brings me great joy!


This is the lovely minimap that Pei edited for you:

Rotterdam: Cafe Hopping

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