Get Lost: Explore the world through map illustrations

Get lost!

Superminimaps have been featured in Get Lost: Explore the world through map illustrations a beautiful book edited by Victionary that aims to highlight the allure and atemporality of physical maps as a useful tool to navigate and share our worlds. That’s pretty much Minimaps’s raison d’être.

“Despite the role that technology plays in the way we find our bearings today, physical maps are timeless tools with a unique charm of their own – brought to life via vivid drawings of landscapes, landmarks, hidden gems, as well as impressions and experiences only known to their cartographer or illustrator”, they explain on the book.

El Retiro Cuatro Estaciones · Spring · Edited by Ana Laya & Illustrated by Victoria Fernández.

I’m super proud and grateful to the Victionary team for choosing several of the Minimaps projects to appear in the book. The maps that El Retiro (El Retiro Cuatro Estaciones) edited by me and illustrated by Victoria Fernández, the Hanoi Street Food Minimap, same duo, and also, wonderfully, some of the minimaps made entirely by me, myself and I: Madrid (Vermut with Stuff), Le Havre (Summertime) and Seville (A Weekend Por Sevillanas).

Hi, It’s me!

It’s crazy that my minimaps are surrounded by so many designers I admire like Martin Haake, Andrea Nguyen, Nate Padawick, Tom Froese or Miguel Monck, and it has been a wonder to discover so many others, new immediate favorites like Gabriela Acosta, Astrid Prasetianti, Hikimi and Lila Ruby King, to name just a few, the truth is that I am fascinated with all the maps, places, details and characters I have discovered getting lost in Get Lost.

“Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or an armchair traveller, GET LOST is your passport to an exciting visual journey across the world, and perhaps a trove of inspiration for your next adventure”, and, I dare to add that I believe that by exploring the beautifully illustrated maps in Get Lost you will not only feel inspired for your next adventure but you will also want to share all your discoveries on paper and in full color… if that sounds like you, maybe you should consider making a minimap.

PS. The sash you see in the book is actually a fold-out map and on the website you can choose between four models. All four are beautiful, I have the one of Singapore illustrated by Esther Goh.

Singapore by Esther Goh.

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